Know About Fatcow Control Panel Guide


As you complete the registration process with the web hosting site FatCow, the access to your account is granted. FatCow has a different control panel namely vDesk, it is a kind of an engine which executes the different functions of the website. Using it, various files are uploaded to the site and plugins are managed as well. The notification settings and the security tools are also configured from control panel.

Every website receives a certain number of hits in a week or so, the statistics are checked and the website’s performance is monitored by looking at the numerical data in the control panel. FatCow looks over the hosting part through the subscribed plan but the inner functions and content management part is under your control. The efficient management of websites is simplified but you have to be fully acquainted about how a control panel works.

A Few Essential Requirements :

To start with you just need to Sign Up and then login, it always begins here. The Control Panel has three major parts.

  1. On the very top are the shortcut buttons for checking the traffic or upgrading to a premium plan.
  1. Next up is the various tools for website management, it comprises of various subsections like – FTP Access, managing the MySQL, domains, account details etc.
  1. Then comes the monitors at the extreme right side, several specific details like disk usage, the bandwidth consumed are displayed here, for a quick view.

    Navigating Through The Control Panel

  • The Shortcut Icons

The shortcut menu in the control panel, all the necessary actions like editing the website, analyzing the traffic, organizing the emails and making changes to the hosting plan can be done. Editing involves the use of File Manager. The data about the traffic is measured with the bandwidth and the disk capacity. The notification emails are mainly concerned with the current plan and site management.

  • The Various Management Tools

This subpart deals with accepting credit cards, ftp access, file manager, shopsite starter, the MySQL database, message book, guest book etc. These are the primary parts of the site. File manager gives access to the content as the various files can be moved; copied or even deleted, the same is applicable for folders.

Another email account can be linked to the hosting account by using FTP access.  Many advanced developer tools are needed from time to time, shopsite starter helps in that.  Managing emails can be a grueling process if the traffic is high, but with proper email management tools like Auto Responders, list managers the process can be simplified. The status of bills, payments and credit card information falls under account management.

  • Monitors Subsection

From disk space to bandwidth, monitors give a quick glance of these features. Two subsections follow these links, one is details and the other is Add More. The details part gives extra information when expanded and the Add More feature is dedicated to raise the current quantity of available space. The subscribed amount of mailboxes is shown in the mailbox monitor.


This upgrade to vDesk version of Control Panel by FatCow has been superb and it has made the service much more user-friendly. The classification of the icons is simplified and the menus have a clear interface and not to forget the brilliant Quick-start panel makes it appealing to the user.


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