FatCow History

fat cow introduced FatCow was founded way back in 1998 in Albuquerque, New Mexico where it is still residing. The main concept of the company was to provide high quality web hosting and e-commerce facilities for individuals with blogs and small businesses.

Now, in their 17th year of business they have a customer data base that expands to more than 90 countries and tens of thousands of websites and today FatCow is among the popular web hosting companies.

But why FatCow? The people in FatCow answer that they wanted FatCow to be different, simpler and more customer friendly so as to bring more customer satisfaction and support. Thus, they have accomplished to what they dreamed of.

FatCow has grown eventually and the reason being their fairly dedicated and talented individuals who firmly believe that simple, old fashioned service and value still ring in today’s world. FatCow as an organization has always focused on delivering the best value and service to the customer. They make their services easy to own, easy to use and providing good business value.

In 2009, FatCow took a major step to become the first ever eco- friendly hosting company. All the offices and data centers of FatCow are geared up by clean and efficient wind energy. By investing in an environment friendly approach FatCow seems to set an example for other web hosting companies and industries too.

Talking of 2009, in this very same year the company made a strong decision to remove storage and transfer limits for their clients. They also included unlimited email accounts and mailbox storage space, at the same time when others were charging by the gigabytes this was considered a big move.

In 2010, FatCow integrated many SEO Tools into their control panel named vDeck giving webmasters a full freedom to manage their content, so as to make it appear in the search engine results.

Over the past 17 years, FatCow has consistently bagged many awards, rewards and accolades. In 2006 they broke out into the market by winning the Best Shared Host Award. Then again in 2009 they earned many top awards namely, 2009 Host of the Year and Low Cost Host of 2009. In the year 2010 they received the MBRW Second Semi- Annual 2010 Hosting Awards for exceptional customer service and reliability of the web hosting service.

Presently, FatCow is much resolved website which has pioneered only one basic plan and one price for it (though occasional discounts are available on it). Their hosting plan guarantees everything a customer would need to stake out their cost of the Internet, right out of the box.fatcow-free-domain Also the company offers a Mini Moo plan for those who just want the domain name and an email address to spread a word. With a benefit of website building tool, as whenever a customer want to switch to full hosting plan.

In today’s cut throat market of web hosting, it is better to have company like FatCow. They have achieved much through the updates and changes they made in their policies and infrastructure. Every year they come up with new and revised offers for their customers and for attracting many more. Thus FatCow has proven its reliability time and again and will continue doing it on a long run.

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