FatCow v/s iPage Hosting – Full Comparison

Web hosting services provide platform to user who want to host their websites and make them available to the people through World Wide Web. There are many firms now – a- days who are operational for web hosting solutions namely, FatCow, JustHost, iPage, HostMonster etc. These services provide space on the server which is owned and used by the client when he needs to host his website.

In addition to that internet connectivity to data center is also provided. These services are subdivided into many types say, shared web hosting, dictated server, reseller web hosting. In the present time, many firms are available online to provide the users best hosting services. In this article we will compare such two prominent companies FatCow and iPage on the basis of features, technical support, cost, speed, and uptime. At the end of the article the readers can decide which of the two are better and suitable to their requirements.

fatcow vs ipage


FatCow and iPage are operated under same administration of Endurance International Group and run the same business style. Both of them are considered as budget hosting options as they both provide lowest price deals on their plans. Being similar in many ways these organizations do share differences in their features, pricing offers, speed, uptime and technical assistance. The chart below shows editorial rating based on the reviews and experiments conducted for months which shows the brief detail of the key factors responsible for the companies’ performance.

fatcow vs ipage specific

Now we will have a bigger look on the factors mentioned above.

FatCow v/s iPage On Cost

iPage is known to provide lower costing plans as similar to FatCow. iPage gives the choice of three hosting plans The Essential Plan, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. The Essential plan costs as regular price of $5.00 per month. With occasional discounts the company offer the package only in $1.89 – $2.95 per month (this is price is only applicable in 24/36 months plan). The regular costing comes to be $3.50 per month or $42 per year.

Similarly FatCow is known to offer affordable price on the one and only basic plan of its which cost a $4.08 per month and $66 per year. Also $5 per year for domain parking is provided as an option. The company also offers a major discount of 60% sometimes on the basic package (making its cost $49 per year) and a 30 days cash back guarantee too.

FatCow has provided users some optional add-ons, which they can choose to purchase or not. Some of them are listed below.

  • WP Essential – $3/mo.
  • Constant Contact – $10/mo.
  • Google Apps for Work – $5/mo.
  • Automated Daily Backup -$1.08/mo.
  • Advanced Site Protection and Performance Accelerator – $1.66/mo.

Both the companies have option for credit card payment and PayPal payment. Both provide $100 Google Ad Words advertising credits, $50 Facebook advertising credit and $25 Yahoo/Bing search marketing credits. Also they give money back guarantee for 30 days.

fatcow vs ipage price

Speed and Uptime

When it comes to performance, this factor cannot be ignored at all. iPage has two data centers in Boston MA, with vast number of 800 Dell servers. Beside each data center is installed with advanced, latest and secure network technology, which is consisted of redundant servers to ensure fast website loading speed and few service interruption. They use AT&T and Global Crossing IP backbones. According to the monitoring statistics iPage has outdid its commitment of 99.95% uptime.

fatcow's Uptime

On the other hand, FatCow also uses two data centers in Boston. They have high quality reliable data centers. Dual routers support the FatCow hosting platform for considerable redundancy.

Linux Servers which are used in the data centers of FatCow allow daily backup. Cisco Firewall provide superb security as it is known for it.They also have NetApp storage clusters for improved reliability. With a vast gigabit network connection they have become extremely safe, secure and reliable in providing uptime guarantee of 100%.

iPage Uptime

Both the organizations have 24×7 network monitoring structure, which are well ordered and assure that if any error occurs it will be corrected as soon as possible. This prevents any damage to the performance of the system.


When it comes to features both the corporations have mostly similar features namely unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL Datacenter. iPage’s basic plan includes site building tools which also have options to install wizards, add blogs and photos. Some more beneficial features include Shopping Cart, catalogs, and PayPal.

Whereas FatCow supplies many tools to help build a website, in addition to the unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Like iPage, they too have wizards to add open source application and easy to install forums and blogs. Great features for e-commerce sites including Shopping Cart and E-Builder are also supported. Additional feature of FatCow includes its support to FTP access.

Both support vDeck control panel which has a beginner friendly interface to help individuals build a site without the need of any Html knowledge.

fatcow vs ipage features

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is the prime requirement for good review and reputation of any organization. So to enhance customer satisfaction both the companies provide 24×7 technical assistance. The assistance is provided in many forms such as toll free number, live chat and email. They also provide help through FAQ library, knowledge base section, and tutorials. The support staff is friendly and answers all the queries of the client patiently.


Though it is seen that iPage offers a slightly lower cost on their basic plan than FatCow, but their long term commitment is still a question. Thus, we recommend FatCow which is affordable and more reliable than iPage. FatCow has been a consistent performer and has bagged many industry awards which proves their commitment. FatCow has an upper hand over iPage when it comes to navigation through website. FatCow has hosted more than 30,000 websites and is a proud beholder of eco-friendly office and data center which run totally on i.e. 100% on wind energy. At last, FatCow remains our first choice for individual bloggers and small businesses.

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