Fatcow v/s JustHost Hosting – Full Comparison

The web hosting services allow people and their respective organizations to make their website available through the World Wide Web. The web hosting companies and organizations provide their clients with space on a server which can be owned and used by them. There are various types of hosting and there are various websites for people to choose from the type of web hosting they prefer for themselves or their firm.

In this article we will discuss and compare two prominent web hosting companies namely FatCow and JustHost. The comparison will be based on the price, speed, uptime, features and customer (or technical) support. Through this article the readers will be able to distinguish the two companies and make a right choice.

fatcow vs justhost


FatCow and JustHost are the two well know web hosting service providers which primarily focus on single shared hosting plan. They are directed to same marketplace which focus on individuals and small businesses. Though being similar in many ways the two companies differ on various terms. Below is the brief comparison of both firms based in speed, uptime, support, features and price.

justhost vs fatcow Rating

Now We Will Discuss The Detailed Comparison of Both The Firms.


For many people price is the utmost consideration when purchasing any web hosting solution. JustHost provides their plans at $6.95 per month or $83.40 per year with occasional discounts on monthly basis. Whereas, FatCow is more affordable, demanding $66 per year and $4.08 per month for their basic plan, also $5 per year for domain parking. Both the companies give the options of credit card payment as well as PayPal payment. Regarding the money back guarantee, Fatcow provides 30 days cashback guarantee and for JustHost it is anytime.

Both give away $100 Google Ad Words advertising credits, and FatCow also gives $50 Facebook advertising credit and $25 Yahoo/Bing search marketing credits.

Hosting Brand Justhost Fatcow
Hosting Price (per month) $6.95 $4.08
Hosting Price (per year) $83.40 $66
Money back guarantee Any time 30 days
Discount rate 20% ~ 50% 40% ~ 60%

Speed and Uptime 

Performance is the key factor which cannot be ignored when choosing a web hosting service. In this regard, JustHost exploits a world-class data center based in Chicago, IL with 10 gigabit internet connection to fortify fast website loading speed. It uses over 2000 servers and also use load balancing technology to make sure the availability of site if one server goes down. JustHost uses Linux web servers and also guarantees the uptime at 99.3%.

FatCow has 2 data centers in Boston which are considered as high quality data centers because they utilize dual routers for higher levels of back up capability. As FatCow too uses Linux servers, these servers are protected by Cisco PIX firewall which is itself a leading company in delivering security. With the large gigabit network connection of FatCow, they have become extremely safe, secure and reliable providing uptime guarantee of 100%.

Both the firms have 24×7 network monitoring operations, which are well maintained and ensure that if any issue occurs it will be taken over immediately. This prevents negative occurrences which may result in deteriorating the performance if their system.

uptime stastics justhost vs fatcow


JustHost offers a basic plan that has unlimited disk spaces, bandwidth, domains and emails. They also put away a premium plan with some additional features. Whereas, FatCow offers only one main plan with unlimited disk space, emails, domains, and bandwidth, they also give a MiniMoo plan for domain parking.

Talking about the details JustHost’s plan includes free site builders and free domain for lifetime in addition to that is the unlimited disk space, bandwidth, domains and email. It also has unlimited MYSQL databases. The plan also provides some e-commerce features such as Shopping Cart.

About the FatCow’s plan, it includes many tools to help build a website, with some features like unlimited disk space and bandwidth. They also have wizards to add open source application and easy to install forums and blogs. Like JustHost, they also give features for e-commerce sites including Shopping Carts, Shared SSL, and E-Store Builder.

FatCow also provides FTP access and has vDeck control panel unlike JustHost which uses cpanel.

justhost vs fatcow features

Customer Support

Customer being the best criterion for testing a service so customer satisfaction rate reflects the quality of the service being provided.

FatCow has been known for its great technical assistance team. Customers can ask for help via different means including 24×7 toll-free phone, help desk and live chat. They also have an FAQ library, knowledge base, and tutorials.

On the other hand, JustHost provides 24×7 US based technical assistance via live chat, phone and email. It also guarantees the customer that he could speak to a real human being (in native English), get answer of the problems and fix the errors or faults effectively. They have also made available FAQs and tutorials for the technical support.


From the above comparison it seems pretty clear that both FatCow and JustHost share many similarities in the plans they provide, their features, price, customer support and the system technology. Many online reviews of the users are also taken into considerations to note the similarities and differences.

JustHost may have a slight upper hand when comes the point of features but FatCow seems to be more reliable. The prices of both the companies are comparable when special offer pricing is used. However, Fatcow is more affordable when special pricing is not counted. The JustHost website has not been so easy to navigate or verify all of its plan’s offers. Whereas Fatcow’s website is much easier to navigate and find information.

FatCow hosts over 30,000s sites, it has consistently received higher ratings and has won many industry awards. Also FatCow is knows as an eco-friendly company, and they are proud of their offices and data centers as they run 100% on wind energy. Thus, FatCow is highly recommended to individual bloggers and small businesses.

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