How to Install WordPress at FatCow Hosting using Simple Scripts

FatCow is the web hosting service which allows individual to make their website accessible all over the world via World Wide Web. This article is about WordPress installation on FatCow which is a vDeck hosting, using Simple Scripts. Any other vDeck based hosting has the same installation process. These steps will help you provide the fresh copy of WordPress on your FatCow.

The first step involves logging into your hosting control panel (which should be v Deck). If its link is not known to you then check it out in the mail, you received by the hosting company. Once logged in your screen will display the page as similar to Image 1. Now, scroll down to and select Simple Scripts (under website). Again scroll down to reach the blog section and click on the WordPress icon (install button if provided) to start off the installation process.

Wordpress install in fatcow1

After this, the second screen opens immediately. This screen gives the details about WordPress and some important links. There you will see two options available, one for install a brand new version and second for importing existing installation. Click on the “Install brand new version button” to proceed further as displayed in Image 2.

Wordpress install in fatcow2

The third screen which opens up has many steps to follow. Firstly, you are asked to select the version of WordPress that you want to install. It is always good and also recommended to install the most recent version otherwise a drop down is available to choose from. The most recent version is enabled automatically.

In the next step, you are asked to select the domain associated you’re your hosting account where the installation would actually take place. Also, there is an option to enter a sub folder name or leave it empty so as to install WordPress in the root folder of the site. The next step is Advanced Options where you are able to set a new name to your website and your administrator’s account username and password (the default username is given as admin). Check the “Automatically create a new database” option.

A new MySQL database will be created and used in this case (check if you have available MySQL databases for your hosting account). The third step of this screen includes advertising, unselecting all the offered plugins and themes is recommended. These can be installed later. Finally, check the box so as to make sure you agree with GPLv2 license.

Finally click on the complete button.
Wordpress install in fatcow3

A new screen containing the installation progress bar will be displayed, here you have to wait for several minutes until the process gets completed.

Wordpress install in fatcow4

You will be notified as soon as the installation gets completed. The link for your new WordPress site, for the administrator’s panel and a reminder about your administrator’s access parameters will be displayed. An email will be sent informing you about all these, for future reference.

That’s it. Your site is ready for further development. Happy hosting with FatCow.

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